Tiny Tigers (4-6yrs)

ATA Family Martial Arts  Tiny Tigers (4-6yrs)

What to Expect

As a parent, you might be hesitant to register your young child for a taekwondo class, and that’s why our staff and teachers are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can expect a welcoming environment where your child will be safe, and we always integrate parent participation into our Tiny Tigers classes. We understand that you want to be able to talk to your child about the importance of martial arts, and when it’s appropriate to use the skills that they are learning.

Our Focus

The focus of our Tiny Tigers classes is to teach the fundamentals that a student can carry into our Karate Kids and teen and adult programs. We work on active listening skills so that your child won’t miss important instructions, and we provide a safe space where they can burn off all the energy they have. We expect them to respect the instructor, the other students, and their parents, and we always have a monthly life skills lesson.

ATA Family Martial Arts  Tiny Tigers (4-6yrs)

Vital Values

ATAFMA’s Taekwondo training is every parent’s dream. We believe that instilling lifelong values and morals from a young age is just as important as teaching students the perfect roundhouse kick. At ATAFMA, we teach our Tiny Tigers how to practice respect towards adults, demonstrate discipline in school and at home, be patient and kind with friends and classmates, eat healthily and take care of their bodies, and stay safe. By enrolling your child in a Taekwondo class at ATAFMA, you are setting them up for success in their future friendships, academic experiences, and life choices.

ATA Family Martial Arts  Tiny Tigers (4-6yrs)

Caring Community

One of the most important parts of childhood is establishing meaningful friendships. The Exchange Family Center said it best: “Friendships developed during the preschool and early school years give children valuable contexts in which to learn and practice skills related to social, cognitive, communicative, and emotional development.” ATAFMA creates an environment where students get to train together, encourage each other, and develop friendships that go far beyond the dojo.

At ATAFMA, we care deeply about every one of our students. When you enroll your young student in one of our classes, you are providing them with a safe space where fitness is fun, mistakes are welcomed, and growth is viewed as an ongoing process. Join us today and watch your child blossom!


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