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With programs for all ages and ability levels, ATA Family Martial Arts (ATAFMA) in Colorado and Texas fosters a safe and effective training environment with amazing camaraderie. Mental and physical conditioning while training in martial arts is combined with numerous out-of-class activities. These include summer camps, birthday parties, school visits, public demonstration teams, picnics, theme park visits, holiday functions, out-of-state tournaments, and leadership seminars to provide a community of respect, education, and fun!

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At ATAFMA, we cater to all interests by offering different programs to give each student the experience they are looking for.

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About Us

ATAFMA strives to create the best family-friendly environment for all students. While on mats, we focus on teaching our students leadership skills, confidence, discipline, and self-control.

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Special Offers

As an independently owned franchise, ATAFMA offers competitive pricing and amazing family rates. We offer HALF-PRICE for your FIRST MONTH to start and our basic program starts at $134/month for unlimited classes (up to five classes a week).

Why It's Important

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Quality Instructors
Our instructors care about every one of our students, both in and out of the dojo.
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Strength and Fitness
If the treadmill is getting old, martial arts is the perfect way to spice up your workout routine.
Self-Defense Icon
Martial arts is one of the best forms of self-defense training. Come see what the hype is about!
At ATAFMA, we believe martial arts is for everyone. We provide high-quality instruction that won’t break your bank.
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Showing Respect
Whether it’s bowing to your opponents or behaving in class, respect is at the heart of martial arts.
Achieving Goals Icon
Achieving Goals
Sick of setting goals and never accomplishing them? Join martial arts and start seeing results.

Our reach spreads further than our training floor

ATAFMA instructors and staff work closely with our local communities to foster the best developmental environment for our students. Encouraging growth, both physical and mental, is always our first priority, and we take pride in establishing this fundamental concept through everything that we do. The following organizations are just a few of our growing affiliates.



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1st Month Half Price!

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