Karate Kids

ATA Family Martial Arts Karate Kids

The Program’s Focus

Since the Karate Kids program is intended for ages 7 through 12, the focus is placed on helping them develop traditional martial arts skills, as well as respect for those around them and discipline in every aspect of life. Children of this age are capable of greater physical and mental conditioning, and we will begin with basic self-defense training, along with sparring and weapons training. We always make sure that each lesson is age-appropriate, and we work hard to ensure that each student understands the reasons behind our methods. We group students of similar ages and abilities together so that no one feels overwhelmed.

Signing Up Your Child

If you have a child who is interested in signing up for karate or martial arts class, then it’s good to talk to them about how our classes can boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, but that each class will also present unique challenges. We combine bully prevention training and school and home integration, stressing the importance of how and when to use what they’ve learned if that time ever comes. Above all, we want each student to understand that they are being trained to become leaders and that their skills are intended to help them become stronger physically and mentally, not so that they can use them whenever they want.

ATA Family Martial Arts Karate Kids

Serves as an Escape

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that a huge fraction of kids’ days is spent glued to a cell phone, tablet, computer, or television screen. They reveal, “On average, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens, and teens spend up to 9 hours.”

Don’t let your child waste their childhood – move them away from the TV and into the dojo. In a world where kids are constantly connected and easily influenced by the content they see online, ATAFMA aims to serve as an escape from the noise. We believe that Taekwondo helps students regain their focus, find relief from academic and social pressures, set goals for themselves, and experience a level of accomplishment and fulfillment that can’t be found virtually.

ATA Family Martial Arts Karate Kids

Discipline and Respect

We know what you’re probably thinking – “If my goal is to reduce my child’s screen time, why not just enroll them in any other sport?”

Great question! Unlike all other athletic activities, the martial arts focus on teaching life lessons just as much as they focus on teaching physical skills. Though its exact origins are not completely determined, Taekwondo is believed to have been around for thousands of years. Historically, this discipline didn’t just focus on the physical. It focused on the mental and emotional as well. Taekwondo requires students to demonstrate discipline and respect both in and out of the dojo. This means paying attention in class, referring to your instructors with the correct terminology, practicing at home, and respecting your parents and elders. At ATAFMA, we aren’t just creating amazing martial artists, we’re creating amazing people.

ATA Family Martial Arts Karate Kids

Instills Confidence

With the overwhelming presence of social and mass media, it’s harder than ever for young people to achieve confidence. That’s why ATAFMA is so passionate about cultivating the self-esteem of each one of our students. The martial arts provide children with impressive new skills, an outlet for self-expression, increased physical fitness, and self-defense training. ATAFMA has used our martial arts instruction to change the lives of thousands of students, and we want your child to be next.

Provides a Community of Athletes

Does your child struggle to make friends at school? Well, ATAFMA will be a different story. At our school, we believe that community is one of the most important elements behind building talented martial artists. ATAFMA is home to a group of kind, uplifting, and welcoming martial arts students who love the sport just as much as we do.

At ATAFMA, we do not allow bullying, exclusivity, or intimidation of any sort. We hold our students to high standards and will do everything we can to ensure that your child has an amazing experience at our school.


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