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ATA Family Martial Arts Teens & Adults

Our Focus

For teens and adults, martial arts often centers around learning new skills and developing greater strength, balance, and flexibility. We incorporate sparring and weapons training with combative and self-defense techniques so that each student is well-rounded and ready to take on any challenge. We continue to focus on the mental aspects of martial arts as well, helping teens and adults work towards more leadership opportunities both inside and outside the studio.

Showing Respect

If you participated in our Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids programs, then you are aware of the emphasis that we put on respect at all times. If you’re new to martial arts, then you will understand that it is imperative to show respect to your opponent, to your instructors, and to the other students in the class. No matter if you’ve been training all your life or you’re just starting out, we want you to understand how essential respect for others and oneself truly is.

ATA Family Martial Arts Teens & Adults

Pushes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s nothing too intimidating about running on the treadmill at the gym or lifting weights at home. But what’s the fun in that? As adults, we often forget how important it is to push ourselves and try new things. Taekwondo encourages its practitioners to tap into untouched skills, set ambitious goals, and improve their self-esteem. By incorporating Taekwondo into your workout routine, you’ll soon find that you have a newfound confidence and a sense of inspiration that will carry over into everything else that you do.

At ATAFMA, we have adult students of all experience and skill levels. Whether you’ve never stepped foot onto the mat or you’re already a seasoned pro, we can provide you with the experience that you’re looking for. Just remember – with challenge comes growth!


ATA Family Martial Arts Teens & Adults

Provides A High-Intensity Workout

Okay, we get it – before you ditch your gym membership, you probably want some confirmation that you’re making the right choice. Read below for everything that you need to know:

  • Taekwondo builds up a high level of cardiovascular endurance
  • Because of its intense kicks and wide range of motion, training in Taekwondo will drastically improve your flexibility
  • Taekwondo is known for making its practitioners much stronger, as well as defining the appearance of muscles
  • Practicing Taekwondo sharpens your reflexes – a skill crucial for situations requiring self-defense
  • Taekwondo works every single part of the body, helping you reach new heights in your athletic performance


Convinced? Join ATAFMA and begin a journey that is sure to forever change the way you look at fitness.

ATA Family Martial Arts Teens & Adults

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Our teens and adult martial arts classes are designed for anyone over the age of 13, and if you’re interested, then we’d love to have you sign up today. By combining physical growth with mental fortitude, you can develop strength in both mind and body, and learn the skills you’ve always wanted to master. Fill out a form and someone from ATAFMA will contact you or connect with us by calling the location nearest you.


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If you’re interested in joining ATAFMA, then please contact us today. Fill out the form and someone will contact you shortly. We have martial arts studios in Aurora and Centennial, CO, as well as Forney, TX.

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